Childhood Memories

C11 Rose Garden

C9 Accepted Few
C11 I'm Three
Carol loves to fussy cut and boy does she have some lovely fabrics to do so with. Rose Garden would remind all of us of those old fashioned roses that little old ladies used to have. When I was a child there was such an old lady about three doors down from my home and every Mother's Day, Xmas or special occassion the children in the area would descend on her doorstep. She would give all of us a small bouquet of flowers for our mums. The roses, to me at least, were the most prized as they had such a wonderful perfume. A few years ago I took my husband to see this garden but not only had the garden been removed so had her gorgeous little house ..... sometimes progress isn't really positive.
Actually when you look at her fabrics for all of the blocks in this post you see so many things from my childhood, the chickens in the backyard, everyone had those, and all of the insects we searched for. Oh and the name I'm Three why of course can't you see a small child holding up any number of fingers, seldom the right number, and saying I'm three or I'm big they believe.

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