Full steam Ahead

C41(almost) Dodgy Solutions
C41 Clean Solutions
 Carol was flying along a few days ago and with plenty of time on her hand set down cut out a block. Unfortunately it was, as the name suggests, a bit dodgy. The result was the block on the left Dodgy Solutions. Oh well another block for the quilt...lucky she always planned on making a king size quilt. Well in truth she initially wanted a queen size quilt but couldn't decide which collections to omit and so figured king was a better size.

After Dodgy Solutions she then figured it would help if one looked at the design when cutting fabric and so we have Clean Solutions, which does have equal sized borders but due to my cropping skills it appears slightly larger on one side.... isn't it great that we all have skills both to share and learn:)

The name Clean Solutions comes from the resemblance of this block to the symbol used for nuclear materials. Interesting isn't it that once we thought nuclear energy would be perfect with no waste products to pollute our world..we live and learn.

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