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C32 Symmetry in Blue
C32 North for the Winter
Doesn't Carol choose delightful fabrics? I know I used a similar fabric to the background in Symmetry in Blue, although definitely not for that block:) and I do like the daisies in North for the Winter.

I think I will have to make a quilt using a lot more conversation prints but I have either made great quilts, in my opinion that is, or else they were horrid. I have a skill of using fabrics similar to Carol's in multi strip quilts like that one of Gill's a few posts ago. My skill however isn't that good at combining them in blocks such as Carol, where each fabric has a job to do rather than just be a busy background with many like fabrics.

so where did the block names come from.... Symmetry in Blue came from the colours, blue in the original block and the fact that the block was symmetrical. At the time I made that block I had been experimenting with asymmetrical designs, that is ones that weren't symmetrical. While my regular square/rectangular designs looked OK, some of my hexagonal ones weren't as pleasing and so I returned for a while to symmetrical designs again.

North for the Winter was made while I was watching some birds fly in formation around my home. I was discussing with Paul 'facts' from my childhood. One that always confused me was that birds flew south for the winter. I could never understand why they would go to Antarctica rather than the Equator in the colder months. Little did I realise that this fact was taken from a book set in the northern hemisphere. These days our children's reading books are set in our own wonderful country  reflecting our way of life and that of our own flora and fauna.

I hope you are all enjoying her results as much as I am.

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