More Fruits from Xmas Downtime????

So where did I get the name for all of Carol's latest blocks?

All of these blocks were made whilst travelling through Asia.
Temple Within, oops just realised that I uploaded it sideways. The figure 8, the temple, should be standing upright with its fortress walls also standing upright. If you tilt your head sideways you will see it.
Chinese Checkers are one of the games I enjoy playing and they always have boards on the cruise ships.
C37 Temple Within

C38 Chinese Checkers

C38 Splendour of the Storm

C37 Twisting Maze

I adore watching storms, but not on a ship. Luckily the storm hit while we were sightseeing. It was amazing the strength in the wind as it tossed the tree branches around. Although we had arrived at the lunchtime venue no one ventured from the mini bus for over half an hour until it subsided.
Twisting Maze, do you often suspect that your tour driver is taking you in circles or round and round a maze?

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