Madeleine Loves Lucy...or perhaps not

C2 I love Lucy 
Madeleine has just finished her second block I Love Lucy from collection 2. She says it wasn't a fun block and from the description of her difficulties it strikes me as though these were similar to others. 

I selected this block when I taught at a retreat recently assuming that it would be reasonably easy. I thought it was a good choice because it would show the students some of the layout features they need to watch for. Well it did do that. Most of my students had the same problem that Madeleine had in trying to fit the outer two borders to the inner triangle. 

Once I explained how the outer sections 'twisted' around the triangle everyone was able to continue happily...well maybe not totally happily but they were heading there. 

Madeleine emailed me with the same problem that they and struck and so I could understand what she was asking. I forgot the little idiosyncrasies of the different blocks as I had made so many of them. It is good to have to rethink what I did first time around. anyway it looks good doesn't it?

Btw if anyone does experience any difficulties understanding the directions I am only an email away.

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