POP - Pachyderms on Parade
Besides teaching Raconteur last year I had the pleasure of teaching a group of delightful women from the Bateman's Bay area. They choose to make what I call my Scrooge series of quilts. The name comes from the fact that all of the quilts, at least mine, were made from my scraps. I had many unwanted fabrics lying around and so cut them into strips and then proceeded to make a few quilts from these strips. 
POP, aka Pachyderms on Parade, was one of those quilts and here you can see Gill's finished quilt. It is amazing how your eyes try to follow the paths throughout. 
I had previously only made this with smaller blocks but unless we enlarged and modified the blocks Gill was going to be making blocks until next Xmas. Increasing the blocks meant we had to add an extra curve into several of the blocks but this sat beautifully with her design and colours. 
She likes it enough that it is a keeper.

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