Collection 28 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Can you believe it? Collection 28. My has time flown since staring this trip. Raconteur itself has also flown many miles. It's now almost 18 months since it was last home. In the time since it has been to the UK where it came 2nd in the UK Nationals and won a host of other prizes. At the Birmingham Festival of Quilts it was voted Viewers Favourite on opening day. Next it went to Houston where it was part of the Lark Publications, Selections from 500 Traditional Quilts and now I have no idea where it is. But it is due home in August... I think :-)

So where did the names originate for this collection?

Collection 28

Triffids - I'm positive everyone has read the John Wyndham book, Day of the Triffids,  about a post apocalyptic world where everyone goes blind after viewing a nighttime display of gigantic flashes. The small triangles in this block suggested people, arms stretched out trying to feel their way around. Must read that book again.
C28 Triffids

The Beat Goes On, as more and more people arrive at the late night party 
C28 The Beat Goes On

Is there a better time to photograph The Lotus than when it is in full bloom. Aren't they beautiful flowers?
C28 Follow the Leader

Follow The Leader, do you remember the time when you were young and you had to perform the maypole dance. Everyone dancing around this pole. Going in and out and round about. Confusion was always triumphant in that exercise...plus I had two left feet and couldn't find the leader let alone follow her!
C28 The Lotus

Run Spot, Run a story that we all read back in the dark ages when all readers were written overseas and there was no cultural or location sensitivity to anything. I still remember reading that 'birds fly south for the winter'. I never understood why they would go to Antartica in the cold months.
C28 Run Spot, Run

First Bouquet, I have no memory at all of my first bouquet. Did I even receive one? I assume I did as I remember going to my debutante ball .... but no memory of the actual event. C'est la vie!
C28 Bursting Out

You can see the fragments as the star bursts outwards?
C28 First Bouquet

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