Well the past fortnight was not as productive as my first fortnight in the FMQE but I did manage to complete some more ditch stitching and I am improving so all is not lost.

As for the next fortnight I think I will need to change my time frame to monthly as I have so much on my plate at present that I can see myself throwing in the towel if I commit to too much.

So my target for the next month is to ditch stitch a different quilt...after finishing off this one.

 Last week I took one of the many quilt tops that has been languishing on my spare bed to quilting and with some friends basted it. Although it would benefit from more than simply in the ditch stitching I intend to first ditch stitch it...purely for the practise. 

After that is finished I may add some more FMQ ... But not in the near future. 

It was my second attempt at reproducing an antique quilt that a friend purchased several years ago. The colour differentiation in the first wasn't the best and so as I still liked the design I made a second one. It's not often that I reproduce a quilt which I haven't been happy with. I usually just move on but I did like this design and am happy that I redid it.

Will have to dig out my first quilt using this design and you will see that colour, or in truth value, makes a world of difference. Perhaps next month.

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