Not Just a Pretty Face

Ok so just for those of you who think I do nothing besides quilting here are two photos to show you that there is life outside of quilting.

Do you know that making your own sourdough bread is a great way to spend several hours. In case you don't have several hours to spare then you just are not going to fit it in.

I generally make two loaves a week. When I started it was quite a task but now I am even able to quilt between the different stages.

From the second photo one would assume that I also have chickens. Not quite I hope to have chickens one day...when I stop travelling. Paul was going to give me chickens for Xmas but then we had to go away for a few weeks and at that stage realised that dogs may be a problem when you go away but they can always be taken to the kennels. There are no equivalent facilities for chooks.... so no chooks for now. Oh these are my brother in laws chocks. Don't they look cute?

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