Hilde's Camel

Yes the camel quilt is a true quilt. I found a series of photos of different camels, plus a few stitchery designs that I liked the look of. I contacted the original designers asking if they minded my basing my quilt on their designs and all were happy with that. 
I went out to a friend of mine who does lots of applique and she simplified it for me and viola we have the design for Hilde's camel. 
I have even collected the fabrics for it. I was going to say I bought them but in truth I had most of them already. I did buy the fabric for the background which are a mixture of creams and contrasts sewn together as a 1600 quilt. I went to a shop and asked them could I have a jelly roll cut out of fabrics I chose if I was willing to do the cutting. They were willing to let me and so 40 strips later I had the perfect background.

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