Well my in the ditch is definitely improving. But it was a boring I had to send a quilt off and needed to add some more to the original so figured it was time to try real FMQ.

 The black, top right was my first go and it was simply wavy line in each strip. Next was top right and that was wavy anywhere ... would you guess I like wavy.'s easy and a bit like in the ditch but not as precise.

the two in the bottom show a bit more adventurous attempts. Left are gum leaves and branches...definitely easier than I first thought and one the right you have wavy lines and sunflowers. The big block to the right at the bottom shows the back of the sunflowers.

Actually should put up a photo of the quilt. It's not too bad :-)

The rest of the month will be more in the ditch ... but better. The wedding quilt will need to be started soon ... well the quilting on it that is ..... after I finish the border and ..... the new middle. The wedding is in June and wish as I might it won't be finished just by wishing.

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