Collection 6 - Where did that name come from?

 This collection contains one of my favourite blocks Crystal Dreams, the fabrics do nothing to showcase the design but I still love it.

Short Changed was one of the first blocks that were based on a smaller grid with an extra border. The original aim was to leave space for highlighting quilting, but my skills were too poor, atrocious is a more apt description for my machine quilting. Anyway due to my level of quilting skills I  ended up leaving the area still plain.. Would like to see someone do something with their skills.
C6 Short Changed
Crystal Dreams was designed to show some flowers in a crystal vase. The diamond cut that is common on many of the crystal vases inspired the design.
Isn't it surprising that two fabrics that looked good together in strips don't come up so well when sewn...and then top it off with my being too lazy to resew the block...viola!
C6 Disappearing Hope

Disappearing Hope was made at a time when things were going pretty badly within my family after an argument with my father. Many things weren't too good at that time, but the block still looks good.
C6 Crystal Dreams
Fake Hands was made around the same time as Disappearing Hope. People pretend to care but spite and jealousy cause a lot of harm..and then they walk away, leaving much damage.
C6 Fake hands
Enter With Care - my eldest son worked for a while at Lucas Heights nuclear reactor and he would joke about consequences of a nuclear mishap. Youth knows no fear.
C6 With Care

The title With Care came from the fact that care needed to be taken when fussy cutting this block.
C6 Enter With Care
Strung Out was made about the same time as Disappearing Hope and Fake Hands. Gorgeous blocks for not such a nice time:)
C6 Strung Out

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ANudge said...

Cinzia, these are fabulous! You've taken hexagons to another level.