New Zealand yet again - Robbi Eclow

Robbi Eclow, who is also known as the Queen of the Last Minute, was the teacher for my second class ..and what a great teacher.

These are her own samples which many of the students used to form the basis of their own work. They are all very vibrant and full of life.

If you ever get the chance to do a class with Robbi take it.
I again failed the test and didn't make it as teacher's pet here either. When I enrolled in Robbi's class I thought it was a two day design class, but alas it turned out to be half day of design and one and a half of actually making a quilt.

I contacted Robbi before the class and asked if she minded if I simply designed for the two days on the computer. She agreed and boy did I learn a lot... unfortunately I didn't learn how to change an Illustrator design into a jpeg for uploading here but will try to photograph it tomorrow. 

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