New Zealand Symposium - Chris Kenna class

Day 1

A few weeks ago, it actually feels just like last week as I have been so busy, I went to New Zealand and attended the Taupo Quilting Symposium.

I had hoped to do two classes, the first by Gwen Marston and the second with Robbi Eclow. Unfortunately Gwen was super popular and her class filled well before they managed to process my application. I also missed out on my second and third choices but managed to get into a class by Chris Kenna doing the New York Beauty.

Day 1 everyone, well except for me, made a 7in blocks, and an edge block.
As I wasn't going to be making a complete quilt I only wanted to make two blocks and wanted these to be the same size and so I made a 10in block from Day 2's patterns. It is the block in the bottom left that doesn't fit in, in the photo above.
There were some real beauties.
Day 1 & Day 2 -  7in blocks

Day 2 - 10in blocks

Day 2 People had the choice of making more 7in blocks or trying more advanced 10in blocks. I made my second 10in block and even managed to join them together. This time they are the two top left hand ones. Aren't some of the colours exquisite.

When I came home my two blocks were joined together and then I designed a border for them and joined them all together and made a pram cover for my niece who recently had a baby girl, Annabelle. I posted the quilt off on Tuesday and can't find the photo of it around but if I find it I will upload it... I think it looked gorgeous.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Taupo experiences. The New York Beauties are wonderful.