What I learnt from Robbi

many smiles abounded after fun class

Well here you have proof that
1. I did do a class
2. I did produce something.

Yes I realise that last night's photos of quilts in progress look a lot more impressive than my little drawings in this post BUT I can do these drawings in a matter of hours now. Yes I realise that hours doesn't sound that quick but previously it was a matter of days and anyway those hours are decreasing:)

In these photos you see the development of my design. Ok being truthful I wouldn't use them in this way but I simply wanted to try everything NOW....sounds a bit like a child in a lolly shop doesn't it.

Gears - central part of the design.
Ok so designwise that white spot shouldn't be there but other than that it looks super!

Next ring out - this is made much the same way as the centre but I added a circle to it.  this is really easy to draw!
Scroll - now doesn't it look something else and you wouldn't believe how easy this is to draw...NOW.
Previously I have spent days trying to draw something like this and it never flowed. Robbi's method is just so easy.

Theses are the green pineapple heads in the final layout, I only need to place all of the other stuff over the centre to hide it.

Greek Keys - I am going to use the skills I learnt in this part in particular for my next major project. Can't wait to start.

If you spread these flower petals out you will see the final ring

Viola - here you have two days worth..and I don't have any more work to do at home to finish it.
Now wasn't this a class worth doing?

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  1. Loving reading about your class with Robbi. I did one with her many years ago at the AQC and loved it. She was a very generous and funny teacher.