Hiding not just from scatterdays

Well life has been unbelievably hectic this past three, no five weeks. I know by looking at the past few posts you will actually think I have spent lots of time updating my blog. However that is just an illusion. I actually managed to do several posts while visiting Paul in hospital. I had mistimed my visit and it coincided with his rehab session. I had an hour and a half to spare, with only an iPad for company. The iPad that had my New Zealand photos that is. Best use I have made of time in ages...and a top example of what one can do with scheduling of posts:)

So what about the H Scatterday? Well you are going to find this amazing but I actually photographed all of today's objects myself.... there is a first time for everything!

Wearable - Have you ever seen such a delightful hat?

Unfortunately I don't know the maker's name but she lives somewhere around Batemans Bay. It is felted and looks better in real life than it does in the photo.
Sticky - now the maker of this particular honey lives in the Mt Cotton area of Qld. Again I don't know his name....I do like to give credit when able to.
Edible - Home-made hot chocolate ... made by me. 

For some reason Paul's coffees/chocolates have lots of froth, while with mine it often appears as though the froth has found a hiding place :(

He also shows pride in his presentation, unlike this one where I just slapped it into a mug

Hiding Place - now here you have the perfect hiding place under a hairy costume. I can't remember this character's name even. The photo was taken when my children were very young at one of theme parks we went to. Can you imagine how hot it would be hiding in this thing in the summer sun?


  1. Sorry to hear that hospital visits have been part of your busy-ness.

    Your hot chocolate looks very inviting, the hat is cute, and I'm glad I don't have to make my living wearing a hairy costume!

  2. Hope all is well re the hospital visits, thinking of you both. I didn't even think of honey or hot chocolate!!!

  3. Help! I would. WAnt to escape from that costume ASAP.
    It is a great photo of you. Your hot chocolate sound wonderful. Welcome back!

  4. I forgot H-sticky but have now caught up. Thanks also for all the Taupo news.