Wonderful News

Received news yesterday that not only did my quilt Raconteur - The Storyteller's Collection (that name is too l - o - n - g) win first prize in the bed quilt category but it also won Viewer's Choice.

Yes there is a smile going from one ear to the other. It is now my most successful quilt ever exhibited.
NSW Quilt Show - Viewers' Choice
SA Festival of Quilts - Second Place Traditional  &       SA Festival of Quilts - Retaining the Tradition
WA Quiltwest - First Place Traditional
Canberra Quilt Show - First Place Bed Quilts and Canberra Quilt Show - Viewers' Choice.

Someone once told me to write the quilt name on the back of a ribbon when I won it. I couldn't figure how hard it would be to work out which quilt belonged to which ribbon when I only had one ribbon. for the first time I can see a reason.... old age forgetfulness :)