Student Quilts from Robbi Eclow class

Well what do you think of these? And isn't it amazing to think that no one had done any designing or quilt making like this before?

All of these quilts have at least two or three more rings to be added but it was just so great to get so far in a class. Not only did we learn how to design our own quilts but everyone else even took home a project which was well on the way to being together. 
In the class Robbie showed us how to design using pen and paper. She gave everyone a sheet of basic shapes that could be combined in a variety of ways and these are what everyone used to fill their rings. She also showed us how to work out our own basic rings, both in sizes and number of wedges/parts that were to be contained.
I learnt how to do this on the computer and I am pleased as punch with my results, which will star in my next post.

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